Field of ​​application

snowline Spikes - alpine all-rounders

The application determines the choice of material

snowline spikes prove their worth not only in hiking, trail running and mountain sports, but also in work, hunting, forestry work, rescue services and the military.

There are now many different designs and versions of crampons. They differ in the length of the spikes and the robustness of the chain links. Light models are usually a little narrower and are also suitable for trail running shoes or light hiking shoes.

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snowline spikes offer optimal grip on any terrain. They fit on mountain boots, insulated winter boots or running shoes. They are ideal for winter hiking, crossing old snow fields, trail running, for work in forestry and agriculture, as well as for hunting and (ice) fishing.‍‍‌

All models are CE-certified as anti-skid protection and TÜV tested.