Bernd Ritschel 02 |

snowline spikes walk and light


Snowline spikes can be quickly and easily mounted on any shoe and provide a secure grip on slippery surfaces, ice and snow.

Bernd Ritschel 01 |

snowline spikes light and pro


Safety and grip in pocket format.

Philipp Ausserhofer Trailrun 01 |

snowline spikes Trail and hexa


Save energy through more traction on slippery surfaces.

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snowline spikes city and hexa


Gives you more safety in black and icy conditions on your daily commute.

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snowline spikes pro and xt


The first choice for tough off-road use, whether hunting, forestry or work.

The original – since 1991

Experience more! Stay safe!

Snowline spikes can be quickly and easily mounted on any shoe and provide a secure grip on slippery surfaces, ice and snow.

What makes the difference...

Stainless steel claws and chains

For snowline spikes only selected steel qualities are used, for example SUS 420J2 (X30Cr13) stainless martensitic chrome steel for the claws and for the chain links usually very corrosion-resistant stainless steel 18/10 (SUS304).

CITY oesen 32 |

Reinforced eyelets

All models (except KIDS and WALK) have reinforced eyelets to ensure maximum strength of the connection between the elastomer rubber and the stainless steel chain. To prevent the eyelets from breaking, they are made of thermoplastic (TPR) with high UV resistance.

PYEONGTAEK Spritzguss |

Tear-resistant elastomer

The core of the snowline spikes is the elastomer rubber, which, thanks to the special material properties, fits perfectly on the shoe even without additional straps or buckles and prevents the spikes from slipping in changing terrain. Each piece is marked with the month and year of production to ensure seamless traceability.

Querung von Altschneefeldern mit Snowlinespikes © Werner Niedermaye |


Shoe spikes are personal protective equipment. Although there are now numerous imitations on the market, the quality of snowline is unrivalled. Our models are CE-certified as anti-skid and TÜV-tested . Pay attention to the test marks when making your purchase decision!

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    With the invention of snowspikes (light crampons with a rubber edge), company founder Jin-hong Choi laid the foundation for a worldwide success story.

  • Land Tirol |

    Cross snowfields safely

    At 1,800m altutude or more, you will be exposed to the danger of old snowfields on mountain tours. Snowfields present the risk of slipping. Be prepared!

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    Alpine Safety

    A look at the annual accident figures quickly makes it clear that slipping and the resulting falls or even crashes are particularly dangerous for mountain hikers.